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Humidity and Temperature Sensor SHTC1

Especially designed for the use in mobile devices

Sensirion's humidity and temperature sensor SHTC1 exactly meets the needs of the mobile device and consumer electronics industry. Its tiny size, low power consumption and supply voltage of 1.8 V make it the ideal choice for your application.

Based on Sensirion's extensive experience in ambient temperature and humidity sensing, SHTC1 was designed to simplify integration and increase ease-of-use.

Real estate is expensive

That's why SHTC1 only measures 2 x 2 x 0.8 mm³, making it one of the smallest digital humidity and temperature sensor worldwide. It's very small size fulfills even the most stringent space restrictions.

Nowadays, more and more devices run on batteries. That's why we made sure that power consumption of SHTC1 is as low as possible. That way you do not have to worry about power budget constraints.

SHTC1 is meant for ambient temperature and humidity sensing in mobile devices. This opens up many new exciting possibilities for you to turn your idea into reality.

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