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Sensirion makes your mobile device feel!

In recent years sensors have significantly improved our interaction with smartphones, mobile devices and wearables. With IceCreamSandwich Android goes a step further and adds ambient sensing to its portfolio. By supporting relative humidity and ambient temperature in the Sensor API, Android makes these parameters available to the app realm.

This will revolutionize apps for gaming, cosmetics, mHealth, comfort, safety, etc. and enable new levels of contact awareness and cloud data services. Even direct interaction with your phone can be improved by AirTouch™ or similar functions.

These are only some of the already known applications. But even more interesting ideas are just a thought away. Sensirion's temperature and humidity sensor SHT21 and SHTC1 have been proven in millions of mobile devices already. With more than 15 years of experiences in chip-scale humidity sensing, we are able to do more than just provide hardware for the new API - we also have strong implementation expertise. Sensirion supports its customers in mechanical design-in, software and further signal processing. This enables fast, a smooth integration from the idea to mass production.

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